Strike Back!

The content written in this blog is meant to bring awareness of the injustice and corruption by Law Enforcement Agencies and the Judicial Systems that continue to protect them especially when innocent victims are either falsely accused, arrested and then incarcerated for crimes that they didn’t commit or are caught up in the cross fire of a senseless Officer Shooting where there is NO REPROMAND. The Officer’s continue to be able to go around and not exactly following true Police guidelines but more like make them up as the situation calls for, and Bully Society! This Is not Right! It Is Time To Strike Back And Let Our Voices Be Heard! If you or anyone you know has a story of someone being BULLIED Or IS A VICTIM of INJUSTICE, email me, and I will make sure your story is heard! Together, we can stop the INJUSTICE! Put names to the BULLIES! take their badges, and get them off the street.

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