Your Instructor has studied Jiu Jitsi, Mauy Thai, Karate, Judo, Kav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, &Kick Boxing for 30+ years has traveled as a Fugitive Recovery Agent in search of some of todays worst named criminals.With a Degree In Criminal Justice she has also has a background in Criminal Law, Forensics, Criminal Investigation & Interrogation, and works as a Freelance Journalist.

After becoming a victim herself via a loved one, she vowed that no woman would ever fall victim to the hands of a prey again. So, Elite Training Academy was formed! It is not a building you can go too. Or a Studio bound by four walls. We hold our training all over the United States and whether it is for just one person or one thousand people we find a way to get the job done.

We teach more than Self Defense! We teach Real Life Survival! we teach you how to use weapons. we teach you how to shoot. we teach You how to hide! It might sound silly but it just might save your life.

You never know, something you say to one of your friends just in casual conversation one day without thinking might just save their life too!

I look forward to getting the chance to meet you and work with you and look forward to hopefully long and lasting friendships because the truth is you can never know to much and you can always learn something new but this time you’ll be prepared to STRIKE BACK!



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