You Are Never To Old For Schooling

I guess you could say I’m one of those old school types, and after a while just gave up on the whole concept of owning a television! Every channel was the same thing, just a different person with their own perspective and two hundred commercials stuck in between. As time went by and things progressed,Continue reading “You Are Never To Old For Schooling”

Passing Blame In To Many Directions

With the tragic death of George Floyd and so many others who haven’t even qualified to make but a blip in the headlines due to the looting and the fires and the constant passing of the blame between races. Does ANYONE know what this whole big disater REALLY and TRUEFULLY is all about? It mayContinue reading “Passing Blame In To Many Directions”

Looting Does Not Change The World!

With all the koas going on around the country after the tragic death of George Floyd, people have responded by protesting in nearly every State. As part of the protests, looting and vandalism has become a number one choice of outrage but for what. This whole protests began over the tragic death of a OutContinue reading “Looting Does Not Change The World!”

Micky D’s No Thank You!

MacDonald’s is known world around for selling billions on Hamburgers and honestly speaking I really never cared much for them, and usually only went for the fries. But for a chain of restaurants that is so “world renowed” regarding it’s food, they don’t seem to feel the same about their employees. Every since the pandemicContinue reading “Micky D’s No Thank You!”