2022 New Year Different World

A new year has begun along with another series of rules and mandates. Just when each of us think that there is some normalcy coming back into our lives, A new virus pops up and with that more frustrations, lock downs, new needs injections that require additional boosters and medication but some work and for some people it causes more harm than good.

The government and the Drug Administration tell today’s people’s what seems like just enough to put a “scare tactic” into each of them , making you feel weak and vaunable. So they become attached to their facial mask and overdue the hand sanatizers or lock them selves inside their homes and away from their family, friends and loved ones.

How much are we the American people going to take? We have to think about our bodies, or family, or own Constitutional Rights to make our own choices. Sometimes not everything written is actual factual as we have seen from past media groups. How much is enough?

Its time to take back our civil liberties. With rigged voted, stuffed ballot boxes, governmental bad choices, weakness in our presidency , it is now left in the hands of our American people to make the changes back to what America really stands for!

Criminals have taken over and law enforcement officers defunded when in reality nonsense should be allocated to protect the American people. The once closed borders should be decomposed and the wall that was already bought and paid for during our previous president’s administration should be committed to completion. Instead the new administration has allowed immigrants and drug cartels to cross over and be given the luxury of free money, healthcare, living status and voting rights without even having to legally become American Citizens.

It really seems like America has really become more the home of the free immigration land, with the slogan of come here, bring your drugs, crime and condemned and infectious diseases and give them free medical treatment while the rest of the American people are losing their jobs, homes, and businesses.

Don’t wait on the government to help us. We Americans have to unite as one people in order to take care of what’s truly American and what was truly united before all this Covid, Sars, ,Omincran made up bullshit came along! That’s the only way we the people are truly ever going to be WE THE PEOPLE! ONE NATION UNDER GOD & UNDIVIDED, NO MATTER RACE, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS OR CREED!

Published by Strike-Back.org

Independent Journalist, bringing light to the Constant Injustices & Corruption that plaques our State/City & Illegal Incarceration Of Innocent Victims Falsely Arrested & Accused Of Crimes they didn't commit. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE who has had this happen to them, e-mail me so I can tell your story!

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