The Truth Out Of Control

What started out to be a “PROTESTS” from what used to be a “CIVIL” group of every day American Citizens, has somehow gone so far off base that the cause we all were originally protesting over has been long lost in the wind, and held only as an excuse to loot, fight, rob, and even kill other innocent people caught in the middle of this horrific nightmare.

What used to be one America, is once again being divided and those who think they can assume more power have done nothing but led this country again into a state of unrest.

What seems like only a year or so ago, of growth and rebuilding, is being torn down by the few antigroups demanding recognizion for something they are prompting other’s who can so easily be swayed into what is now turned into an all out race war.

How can this be? We have so many different groups that live among us. So, this can’t just be a “Black and White” matter. Look at how many interracial relationships and marriages exist within our states and all other different types of relationships, and other things that are so out of the norm, but that is what makes America who we are.

It’s not about the blacks staying on their side of the road or the whites on their side, if they was the case America wouldn’t exist to begin with and half the freedoms we have wouldn’t either.

So, if you think looting and burning and stealing is going to make things any better, think again. Because, after the flames die down and your homes are gone and trucks have no stores left to deliver food and supplies for your family to, don’t expect a government handout, because those out there who prosued this little war, well the truth will hit home and when it does, you’ll have no one to blame but yourselves.

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Independent Journalist, bringing light to the Constant Injustices & Corruption that plaques our State/City & Illegal Incarceration Of Innocent Victims Falsely Arrested & Accused Of Crimes they didn't commit. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE who has had this happen to them, e-mail me so I can tell your story!

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