Man Up Or Lose Your Job

Man up or loss your job is what was told to one of the newest Police Officers on our local force after his morning briefing as he got ready to hit the streets for what would be a long day of dealing with the rioting over the use of our local beaches here in Ca. Everyone knows that California is best known for it’s beaches and trails and Governor Newson has gone way overboard with some of the restrictions he has forced on California especially when he, himself has not abided by any. So, this Particular Officer, to whom I promised would keep anonymous, began PUTTING ON HIS FACE MASK, like all the rest of known citizens (who don’t want to contract the Covod-19 Virus). Then he was approached by his Supervisor, who, in so many words ask what he thought he was doing. He answered by saying protecting himself before he hits the road. That’s when he got the shock of his life. MAN UP OR LOSE YOUR JOB! What? Was he actually being told to walk into a virus ridden society that yet has no cure or lose his job! What you don’t know about this Officer is that he is married and that he and his wife just had their first newborn child only weeks before. It’s not bad enough that he has to go out and put his life on the line everyday but, now he’s being told to Man Up because Wearing A Pretective Mask to prevent his self from getting and possibly carrying the virus back home to his family will cost him his job! What the hell has this world come too. Work over family. Survival of the fittest and all the rest be dammed. I think not! Our government and those within it’s system are sending the wrong message and if they ever expect to get the people back on their side, they might need to rethink their strategy.

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Independent Journalist, bringing light to the Constant Injustices & Corruption that plaques our State/City & Illegal Incarceration Of Innocent Victims Falsely Arrested & Accused Of Crimes they didn't commit. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE who has had this happen to them, e-mail me so I can tell your story!

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