Jail Is No Life Of Luxury!

I read an article posted by another writer about different  jails located in different areas around the US and a few other countries and I was shocked to see how the setup of these institutions were laid out. At first glance one would actually think they were viewing a hotel of some kind. It is hard to imagine that this is the housing that the Justice System has provided for what some of us consider the worst of the worst. I call them Luxury Jails complete with with massage rooms and other amenities you would be shocked to learn about. This is supposed to be JAIL people.  Not a place where you are sent for a quiet time out! And while alot of today’s society  struggle on the outside just to get by,  these prisonors are living it up,  getting their three square meals a day,  laundry, and a free education  all on our tax payers dollar. It almost seems like the perfect little life, except for being cut off from the outside world. But, even now that is possible with Internet, Skype, Congecal Visits and Family Days. So what do you think? Is/ or should jail / prison take away all the the things that make a person continue feel human and no remorse for the crime the have committed or continue to reward them because a happy prisoner brings no trouble and all is good with the world until his demands can no longer be met, then what… Do we still have happy prisoners or the vial creatures they always were inside buy we choose to ignore it because it was easier now come out and we have slot of untrained guards that are going to get caught in the cross fire. Because all they knew was how easy it was at work each day and now that hell has broke out they won’t know how to buy their way out of this one!

Published by Strike-Back.org

Independent Journalist, bringing light to the Constant Injustices & Corruption that plaques our State/City & Illegal Incarceration Of Innocent Victims Falsely Arrested & Accused Of Crimes they didn't commit. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE who has had this happen to them, e-mail me so I can tell your story!

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