Bad Cop!Worst Cop!

Have you ever wondered about Cops and some of the ‘so called ‘ information they get when they are working a crime scene and sometimes they have nothing go on, where they come up with their evidence. If there’s no witnesses, DNA, but they started bringing in people in the surrounding area and then it’s like they play Russian Roulette! The Cops have all the facts but they NEED a person to convict!Someone to pin it on. One thing a Cop hates is an unsolved case. So, they sometimes are known to lead a person in to a Confession and Record It and if needed, even implicate someone else along with them. The Cops have even been known to walk the person they are implicating through a crime scene to try and get them to re-enact the crime and the cops Intentionally don’t record it because they already have their make shift confession. Yet, there may be no physical evidence that the person the cops have, had ever been at or near the crime scene. So, what do you think, will the courts find him/her innocent or guilty! Because of the Corrupt Injustice going on in society today, you might be surprised! And what about the Dirty Antics of the Cops? You again, might be surprised! Remember, they are always after somebody, it just might NOT BE THE RIGHT PERSON! There is no law that prohibits them from making promises that we all know they break or lying to get you say anything from keeping locked in a room for hours without food and water to drilling you over and over again until you would just say anything just to SHUT THEM UP! My Advice : IF YOU KNOW 100% INNOCENT, Don’t Buy Into Their Bullshit!

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Independent Journalist, bringing light to the Constant Injustices & Corruption that plaques our State/City & Illegal Incarceration Of Innocent Victims Falsely Arrested & Accused Of Crimes they didn't commit. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE who has had this happen to them, e-mail me so I can tell your story!

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