MEET Your Fearless Leader!

Retired Fugitive Recovery Agent

To my fellow team-mates, my brothers, the ones who always had my back, I owe my life! Without you I wouldn’t be here to be the strong woman I am today! I miss you all! Your  Fearless Leader! D!



Yes, the person you see above is that same fearless leader that lead her team for countless years into bringing in some of what Society  calls the worst of the worst. Not, the typical job I’m sure you are thinking for a girl like me, but I  loved the Law and everything about it, until one day I became it’s own VICTIM! That’s right, ME! I fought everyday to keep evil off our streets, until I found out one ordinary day that the people I was suppose to be assisting turned out to be the Devil In Discis! Yes, the good old fashioned Police! The Pigs! The PoPo! What ever you want to call them… That is, if they don’t put you on Hold when you do dial 911!


You know how they say keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer,  well this is one of those tales that you should definitely live by. See, police like you as long as you are catching all their bad guys and they of course are taking all the credit, but if you stumble across something that involves them or let’s say one of ‘their brothers ‘ well then your life just changed in a flash.


I was returning back from a search on a FTA (that’s, Failure To Appear) out of Sacramento. FYI… Don’t run out on the judge… You’ll just get more jail time anyway. I get a call from a friend who tells me she has just been run down by a car! Normal people would call 911/ Cops. She calls me! I’m less than 10 min away from the location, I get there and sure enough she had been hit by a car. I try everything to get her to go to the police, but No! So, I take pictures, write down everything and talk her into going to the doctor. Last little bit of information, I ask, did you happen to see or know who ran you down? The plot just thickened!


As it turns out, the person that hit this girl, was another girl who didn’t like the fact that she and I had become friends or the fact she was no longer in the picture, so to speak. So, before deciding to take her to the doctor, we drove by two bars this now suspect frequents. I’m still in my full Uniform, so we go into the first place, let the bartender know we are looking for this girl and why. I leave my business card. We tell her to call me if she happens to stop by. Then we’re off to the second location. Same thing. Left a business card, call if you see this girl. Before heading out to doctors, I tell my then friend I have got to change into street clothes. I can’t be off duty and walking around in uniform. So, I changed but before we can leave for the doctor, one of the bartenders call and said that the person we were looking for was there. So,  we’re off! We both walk in this dimly lit hole in the wall with make-be four people in it due to the fact that it is only 12:15 or so and I ask the girl if I could talk to her for a moment. The juke box was blasting and the back door was open so my friend suggested out back. The girl agreed. We talked for a few minutes and go back inside and agree she needs to call someone and not drive. She was beyond wasted and it was only noon.


Now, I as had stated before I couldn’t get my friend to go to the police and figured out why later. But, the while the three of us are sitting outside in front of the bar, I talked her into calling and talking to her family and letting them know what had accurred. Little did I  know that her brother was LAPD and when I  realized that I handed the phone to my friend and she told him everything. FYI… She just gave her story to a Cop! I did it!  I got her to tell  him every detail. Nothing  left out.


Now that I had gotten my friend to tell the police and gone to the doctor, gotten  everything verified, I thought everything was going to fine. I couldn’t have been more WRONG! You see,  I knew that in Law if a Police Officer  came in possession of information about a crime that had been committed, it was his Civic Duty under  which he swore to Protect & Serve, to see that Justice was upheld. Well, Not in this case. You see,  the brother who was  LAPD is a Dirty Cop! The last thing he wants to do is file charges especially if it’s charging his little  sister of Felony Hit/Run, Leaving The Scene Of The Accident, Driving While Under The Influence Of Alcohol/Drugs. Those would carry VERY HEAVY PRISON TIME especially if they found out how many other times he had already covered some of her indiscretions up,  it just might cost him HIS BADGE. Plus, he doesn’t  want to be known for being the one who sends his  little sister to prison. So, they got together and devised a plan no one would see coming. Not even ME!


The day of my arrest I had actually walked in to the police department to file charges against the same girl for trying to run me off the road,  threats against myself as well as my family and stalking. When I left the police station with my friend, I got as far as the next stop sign when a Black and White lit up his lights. Of course I pulled over, knowing that I had done nothing wrong, I rolled down my window less than two inches and ask what seems to be the problem Officer? He responded, taillight,  you have a taillight out. I leaned forward, checked the readout on my console. Nope. No taillight out. Sorry, you’re mistaken! Then, he tells me to step outside my vehicle. Sorry, You did have a just cause, therefore, I will be on my way. You have a nice day now! The next thing I know is my so called ‘friend ‘ saying I’m so sorry,  hitting the unlock button to the doors and me being jumped on by about 8 or so guys. One kept yelling she’s resisting, she’s resisting and then I remembered being drug by my hands and feet and thrown in the back of a squad car. All I could then think was, What the hell! When I was able to look up,  these guys not even in uniform were tearing my truck apart. Go ahead, I kept yelling you assholes! My cameras are video taping every last one of you. You see, I was smart enough to equip my truck both internally and externally with cameras. The only other thing I had in my truck was my computer with confidential files and my ready bag incase I got a call for a job then all I  needed to do is pick up my gun if need be. So what could they be looking for?


By now I guess these wanna be cops have had their fill of destroying my truck and trying to dismantle my cameras so two officers actually in uniform decided take me to the police station. I guess during their training, they were absent the day they taught transport safety because I was in no way positioned  properly in the back seat of that squad car nor was I seat belted in. So, I had to ask? Which one of you is Dumb and which one of you is Dumber? About that time the passenger officer turns around and yells oh shit as the driver slams on the brakes as hard sending me sailing head first into the cage that separates the front from the back. Note: Major Head Concussion (blood streaming down my face) and then we arrived at the garage not police station but a dingy underground garage. Not really what I was expecting!

RIGHTS? You Don’t Have No Stinking Rights!

As we pull into this dingy garage, mind you I STILL have not been told that I am under arrest. I have just been handcuffed and dumped into the back of a squad car. So, I ask the guy standing there going  through my backpack… Am I under arrest? He says nothing. Can you talk? Can you find someone who can talk  and tell me what is going on?  Yes? No? OK then I  slide my hand cuff off and stand up to walk out. My wrist are exceptionally small and my thumbs well you get the picture. The next thing I know I am being jumped on again and handcuffed to a bar on a wall. Now, I’m beyond pissed. I’m cuffed to a wall but I’m not under arrest. I can’t call anyone because what am I going to tell them, a bunch of guys are holding me in an underground garage cuffed to a wall but won’t say why. This is like a bad joke. I’m just looking for the T. V. cameras.


Have you ever heard of the waiting game? I’m sure most of you have. This is not the type of game you like to play when you get a feeling that all the players aren’t in the room! Boy, I pegged this one. Remember, Dumb and Dumber? Well, it seems there’s a school and I think half of this police force went there. About an hour after playing these back and forth games, another Officer walks in and  says, Is she ready for transport? Did he just say transport? I DON’T THINK SO! First of all, I haven’t been formally arrested. Second, I have NO CHARGES placed against me, Third,  I suggest you clear this up ASAP and give me that phone so I can make a phone call NOW or you All are going to be talking to my Attorney!


Hasn’t she been arrested? That is the millions dollar question people! Everyone in this dingy underground garage already thought I had already been arrested. WRONG! I didn’t even know what I was being charged with and no Maranda Card was EVER taken out and read to me. Once they all got on the same page and realized this, the Official Det. who was ‘suppose’ to be in charge of all this hoopla… Well, he had already finished up and was on his way out the door to go home and a few of the guys there in the garage with me had to go hunt him down! Now, that’s what I call sad! When the Detective does finally show up and finally reads the charges, most people would be shocked. Me, I  looked at this little 5’6 wanna be who couldn’t look me in the eye even from the first day he met me and said you’re joking  right! Is this because I hurt your feelings for asking if I intimidated you? I mean seriously!


Now that I have been ‘formally arrested’ next come those Maranda Rights I was telling you about. Did you know that they to be FORMALLY READ WORD FOR WORD DIRECTLY TO YOUR FACE FROM AN OFFICIAL MARANDA CARD. If not, you really have not formally been made full aware with true understanding of all of your pending rights, should you happen to arrested. Well, I guess Det. Tiny Tim (as I like to call him), didn’t wanna leave this one to chance, so out comes the card, blah, blah, blah, Now carry on!


Normally when someone local gets arrested, you don’t hear anything about unless it’s a mugging or a car chase down the local freeway or maybe a bank holdup or shooting somewhere. But, my charges,WOW they dug deep. I didn’t just make the local newspaper, but every newspaper and every News Channel, locally as well as All 50 States including TMZ and CNN. I went from living/ working off grid, to becoming overnight talk sensation. The thing of is NONE of it are true.




False Imprisonment

Sexual Battery

Impersonating A Police Officer

BAIL SET: $100,000.00

Now,  some of are probably thinking OMG!  After seeing it in writing, I was thinking the same thing. FIRST: I was thinking how did they come up with that amount for Bail considering I have NEVER been Arrested, had a Parking Ticket, and can only remember in my close to 60 year life only 1ticket and it was a fix it ticket. Second: Once they told me who was involved in filing the Alleged Charges, I knew right off a cop was behind   it because the girl who alleged the charges couldn’t even remember what I was wearing more or less anything else. And to top it off waited almost two months before doing anything.  Yet, I was in and out of that same police station and they had every opportunity to arrest me but didn’t.


So, the Big House, The Slammer, Jail… Everyone has different expectations. Everyone knows that what I call the BLOCK COPS try to break you down from the moment you walk in the door. I know everyone suddenly feels trapped and cut off from the outside world but because of my circumstances, to keep my head, I didn’t let them GET IN MY HEAD! Sure they tried everything.

Name Calling: Celebrity Beth

Cutting Off All My Finger Nails

Taking Away My Socks & Slippers

Denying Me Toilet Paper

Denying Me Water

When A Block Cop Did Bring Me Food, they would throw it up against the wall so the paper bag burst and the food  falls out on the  floor (which BTW is saturated with feces / Urine) GOOD LUCK EATING THAT!


What this State has you convinced is that all the PRISONERS that are currently incarcerated are treated without malice. They all are fed good healthy food, receive proper medical treatment as per their condition, allowed phone calls and visit with their Attorney and the necessities for everyday life.  FIRST AND FOR MOST: Should you have a serious medical condition  (which I have) and have to take tons of medicine daily… FORGET getting even an aspirin for a headache in jail. Second: I already had a bad concussion going in, then when they continued with the demeaning process, I eventually had a mild heart attack. I was left untreated. THIRD: Because of my illness I can only eat and drink certain things. IN JAIL: You don’t eat eat what they give you, you DON’T get the next one. PHONE CALLS: Only for the privileged!


Once release from jail, after 5 days of beatings, a Broken Wrist, Broken Ankle, Fractured Elbow, Dislocated Shoulder, Bashed In Left Knee, Concussion, Mild Heart Attack and 5Days without all my medication. I immediately went to the hospital and every inch of my body was X-rayed and photographed for documentation and I had to have a serious of injections for Tetnis, Hep C,  HIV. I admit that my once strong spirit did keep me alive inside but what killed me was having some of the other woman in there once I was moved to population come to me and ask me to help them get out. When I listened to their stories, honestly they really shouldn’t be there at all. And I want to help them. Now I have to prove something that I know I already am!!! INNOCENT,  INNOCENT, INNOCENT!!!


My husband used to get on to me for saving every little piece of paper and pick on me for being overly detailed. His words, somewhat anal. Thank God I am! That trait alone saved my life. Remember, this whole thing started because of a jealous girl and her made up charges. To do the job I did at that particular time before I retired, you needed certain qualifications and DOCUMENTATION that you MUST carry on you at all times. The day I was arrested Det. Tiny Tim (my pet name for him) tried to say ALL MY DOCUMENTS were fake! That’s kinda impossible Considering one comes from the Dept.Of Justice and you have to spend a number weeks at the firearms academy for other documents and training as well as hours of testing for certain certifications.


Our Badge is a Badge of honor! Bounty Hunter’s take an oath just like anyone else preserving justice. We Stand Together! We Hunt Together! We Watch Each Other’s Back! And if necessary would even take a Bullet! That’s Brotherhood!

Fugitive Recovery Agent Badge


Every step of the way, even though I have everything to prove my Innocence, other things have happened since this incident. I basically lived multiple lives and NEVER mixed my work life with my family in fear that they would be in danger and I had my personal home life which NO ONE knew about, and then my Charity Work. Now that this negative incident has happened, my life has been altered and not in a good way. On trail day even with all the evidence in my favor, my attorney wants me to plea! IS HE JOKING? NOT IN THIS LIFETIME! So,what do you do with attorneys that won’t work for you, FIRE THEM! Needless to say ALL the charges were dropped, but, the damage to my family and my reputation had already taken hold. And the girl who started this whole disastrous mess, WELL, she decided to commit suicide and in doing so ended up killing two other innocent people and injuring another. Is that Justice? She could have been saved if her brother would have just done the right thing, she would be alive today. So would her other victims. Is it karma? One will never know. But her family has to live with their conspired choice.


I still have a strong passion for the Law so I decided to use my knowledge to help right the wrongs done by Society’s Injustice and Corruption. I will become the voice for the people who are to afraid to tell their stories. Dirty Cops taking payoffs, running illegal drugs and prostitution out of the back of bars, selling illegal firearms and thinking nobody sees you! Think Again! This time I know where you are. This time you can not hide. YOU are guilty, and YOU will be found. This time I’m Striking Back!

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Independent Journalist, bringing light to the Constant Injustices & Corruption that plaques our State/City & Illegal Incarceration Of Innocent Victims Falsely Arrested & Accused Of Crimes they didn't commit. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE who has had this happen to them, e-mail me so I can tell your story!

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