Please Check The Correct Box!

I remember back in the day when you were given a form to fill out and don’t me wrong because now a days there’s nearly a form for every thing, but what I’m getting to is that it was much simpler to fill out! You put your last here, followed by your first and middle initial then address, phone number, that was if you had one, jobs, references, ethnicity simple, [] black [] white [] other . The End!

Now a days you nearly five types of identification, birth certificates, passports, divorce papers (if previously married) and documents to validate name change, and let’s not forget about paperwork to show whether or not you are an illegal immigrant! If so, welcome to America live wherever you want for free and don’t worry about paying for anything because the good ole American People here in the US of A will be happy to pay it for you! We’ll just tax the hell out of everything they own or buy and we’ll just sit back and keep making sure they do!

Now that’s Biden and his cronies for you! Now the elections for 2024 are upon us again and do you think people might actually be able to have learned something from their mistakes? Hum? I wonder!

So this Election, Please Vote Responsibly! Just Say No To Joe!

Let’s Bring Back America! Our America!!


Our America Our Freedom

By looking at what’s going on in this world around us, one would almost certainly wonder if we still live in United States Of America, once known as the land of opportunity, a land of choice, free speech and the Constitution that up holds the freedoms and liberty’s that many men and woman fight for each and everyday.

Now another Presidential election has come into play and it’s like a bad dream that has no end. All the players defy the trust that the American people put into to their hands, yet once they have fangled their way into a position of power, turn on their own deceitful words into venomous poison turning a once unified nation against each other.

Never before has this nation been at odds over race or religious beliefs or how high or low one’s income is based solely around how much education they were able to acquire or the job status they hold during these trying times.

As record numbers flocked toward the voting polls this past election thinking they were casting their vote for what could have been the election of the century, it turned out to be just that. With rigged ballot boxes, lost ballots, and miscounted votes, who would have guessed that our once free democracy would suddenly be stripped away overnight.

Now that everyone realizes that they were played by the government they assumed would make the world a better place, there are no take backs now! Yet, many sit back and wonder how something like this could possibly happen in a country with so many so called freedoms.

Now little by little, day by day our newly elected officials are chopping away at our Constitution. During the first week in office, newly elected Joe Biden signed nearly 70 Executive Orders and for what? Secondly he goes after our 2nd Amendment Rights and vows to make sure the NRA is no more and that our rights to own gun go right along with them!

Our once protected borders have been thrown wide open again and those who aren’t even citizens of our once beloved country are given free reign! But to those who actually live here, work here, pay taxes here, what do we get, politically screwed, at least for the next four years.

Our once beloved President Trump, honorable man that he is, when he graced the halls of the White House, never thought about himself or what his position of power could get him, it was always about the people. Not, the white privileged, or the rich, the black or immigrants from other countries. He considered everyone as equals. One people united together by one county. Safe borders, plenty of jobs brought back to America where they belong and how does the part of the country repay him, by trying to impeach him not once but twice.Why, because he knew how to tell it like it is! To the Cabinet Members and others Democrats, President Trump allowed the American people to know exactly what was going on within the walls of government and this disruption brought light many wrong doings that were being carried out within our own internal government it’s self.

Was President Trump wrong or do you feel that he was truly looking out for us, the American people? We will find out once again in 2024 when President Trump Makes America Great Once Again!

2022 New Year Different World

A new year has begun along with another series of rules and mandates. Just when each of us think that there is some normalcy coming back into our lives, A new virus pops up and with that more frustrations, lock downs, new needs injections that require additional boosters and medication but some work and for some people it causes more harm than good.

The government and the Drug Administration tell today’s people’s what seems like just enough to put a “scare tactic” into each of them , making you feel weak and vaunable. So they become attached to their facial mask and overdue the hand sanatizers or lock them selves inside their homes and away from their family, friends and loved ones.

How much are we the American people going to take? We have to think about our bodies, or family, or own Constitutional Rights to make our own choices. Sometimes not everything written is actual factual as we have seen from past media groups. How much is enough?

Its time to take back our civil liberties. With rigged voted, stuffed ballot boxes, governmental bad choices, weakness in our presidency , it is now left in the hands of our American people to make the changes back to what America really stands for!

Criminals have taken over and law enforcement officers defunded when in reality nonsense should be allocated to protect the American people. The once closed borders should be decomposed and the wall that was already bought and paid for during our previous president’s administration should be committed to completion. Instead the new administration has allowed immigrants and drug cartels to cross over and be given the luxury of free money, healthcare, living status and voting rights without even having to legally become American Citizens.

It really seems like America has really become more the home of the free immigration land, with the slogan of come here, bring your drugs, crime and condemned and infectious diseases and give them free medical treatment while the rest of the American people are losing their jobs, homes, and businesses.

Don’t wait on the government to help us. We Americans have to unite as one people in order to take care of what’s truly American and what was truly united before all this Covid, Sars, ,Omincran made up bullshit came along! That’s the only way we the people are truly ever going to be WE THE PEOPLE! ONE NATION UNDER GOD & UNDIVIDED, NO MATTER RACE, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS OR CREED!

Are Our Childern’s Future Doomed?

What can we say about the future that is ahead for our children when we have a President who doesn’t know from one day to the next if he is coming or going, better yet what state he’s even in.

Our children are cooped up like prisoners in their own homes, not being able to go to play like a normal child, wearing mask covering there little faces trying to understand something that is not conceivable to most and not understanding why they can’t go to school like normal kids.

When our children finally do go back to school they are faced with the complications of social race diversity and are given books that are explicit in such language, that if I were to use such language my own parents would have had my mouth washed out with soap! And the graphic details that some of these books lay out between same sex children, is definitely uncalled for.

Our children are sent to school to learn real educations such as Math, English, History, Health and Science. Nowhere in there did I sign up for my children or grandchildren to go to school to learn about false religions, pre martial sex, or homosexual activities! If the parents want to teach that, then that should be up to the parent of that particular child.

Politics and politicians should stay out of our children’s education! They think they can try take over every aspect of our lives. Don’t think of starting with our children! If you haven’t figured anything out about parents, DON’T MESS WITH THEIR CHILDREN! It will come back on you ten fold!

And regarding vaccinations, you yourself should know never to use scare tactics or false Information or threaten peoples lovely hood to force them to get a vaccine that hasn’t even been proven to work just so the Demographic party can line their pockets.

So ,people I am asking you to think about what you want for your child. If you are in a position to home school, then home school! I applaud you! If you decide not get the vaccine, well decision is solely in your hands as well.

I ask that you think about your family first and NOT what these politicians are trying to brainwash you into their way of thinking. And trust me, YOU CAN THINK FOR YOURSELF!

A World In Chaos!

Could you actually imagine what the United States of America would be like if you woke up tomorrow only to find that our “so called” Commander In Chief had signed an Executive Order that ordered the military to help disarm the American people and the military turns on him, due to their oath to protect and serve the Constitution of the United States of America! How would you feel about this person that was elected to watch over our country?

It hasn’t even been close to the 100 day mark and the damage he has already inflicted on our country is countless. By opening our borders to undocumented immigrants, drug smugglers, traffickers and additional criminal activity, to allowing our US military to be fired on without consequence, shows that this man is clueless when it comes to being a sitting President in a county that he basically had to buy his way up the latter to.

It’s sad to say one cannot even feel safe anymore when you walk down the street in certain cities or when you have to decide which is more important food or ammo which thanks to this same newly elected individual has nearly made that next to impossible! I think if he feels if you can afford a firearm, you can also afford the expensive high prices for ammunition as well. And if not, why bother having a firearm at all!

Well, Mr. Biden, last time I checked, the Constitution of the United States and it’s 2nd Amendment was /is pretty self explanatory! And last time I checked, their are more of us that take that Amendment as serious as we do our 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech! With that being said, since you obviously have your own preconception of the Constitution, why are you even in our country! Honestly, you’re not qualified to run it, so why are you wasting more tax dollars only to have the poor soul have to come in and clean up your mess.

It saddens me to think how hard parents and teachers have worked in educating our children and then have to sit an look at you attempting to get through a complete sentence. What does that say for the future of our children? Any idiot who can’t remember the month, day or year more or less beat his way out of a paper bag unless he cheats, can only be President? I think not!

When beloved childhood classics like Dr. Seuss or play time toys like Mr./ Mrs. Potato Head are yanked off shelves for what? And our American History Monuments that have stood around the nation for hundreds of years suddenly destroyed, why?

It was hard enough fighting to keep food on our table and roofs over our families head without having a corrupt democracy. Now, we have to fight to to keep our country together. With the chaos that has brought this nation to it’s knees and crippled our economy ripping all that was once good apart, where does this leave us now, but a country in chaos!

You Are Never To Old For Schooling

I guess you could say I’m one of those old school types, and after a while just gave up on the whole concept of owning a television! Every channel was the same thing, just a different person with their own perspective and two hundred commercials stuck in between.

As time went by and things progressed, tv’s got bigger, you got more channels, the cost got higher and you still got the same people blabbering about the same daily nonsense, only this time it was in “high definition”! As if we weren’t getting the useless point the first time.

Now with all that’s going on in the world you add the Covid Virus, lock downs , people out of work, and children stuck at home, when they should be in school. Instead, they are tuned into what I refer to as the “idiot box” learning life through video games and we parents these days are clueless as to what do because we all know we just want to keep the kids happy and out of our hair!

Seriously people, you can not tell me that was how you were raised! I know my choirs had to be done when the sun came up come hell or high water and if my leg was hurting I’d better find a way to hobble on out there and get everything done and find my way to the breakfast table before I missed out and had to run after the school bus!

But seriously, it’s not just our kids that are lazy, the parents are setting the examples. Take Joe Biden , Lord help us all, every single time I hear this man try to speak, my skin crawls. It almost makes me feel like if a child were to look at him, he or she would think hey I don’t need any proper education to become President of the United States. Look at this idiot. He can’t even finish the alphabet more or less count to 10. Why waste my time going to school when I can sit back, wait a couple of years, bullshit a few deals, make myself look good, blow up a few countries, blame it on some guy whose name I can’t remember and wow I actually get to do this for four whole years .

What were you thinking? I decided to start early on my spring cleaning since we all seem to be in lock down. I ran across something that gave me the greatest idea I think I’ve ever had! You know when you get those light bulb moments and then later you wish you would’ve acted on it. Well call me froggy because this girl took a leap! A leap all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC.

When my children were younger and learning words and how to read a such, one of the greatest things I ever got was Hooked On Phonics! Why I still had this when my children are now in their late 20’s and 30’s is beyond me, but I knew it had a purpose. So, I packaged quite nicely and attached a hand written note:

Dear Mr.Biden (that’s you)

Enclosed please find a special gift, (the box in front of you) one that is truly sent from the heart. You must know by now after 40 days in office that your task is not an easy one. I know that you must feel uneasy at times when speaking in public, but know that this gift will help you more than you know. Have your wife Jill work with you daily and by the end of you term you will mastered the full Learning To Read & Speak With Phonics!

Best of Luck!

A Die Hard Lifetime NRA Card Carrying Red Blooded True To The Core Trump Loving Republican!

The Tides Have Turned!

It was only a few months ago when it seemed like all was well with the world. Employment was up,our economy was beginning to grow again.Then suddenly like a thief in the night something evil creeps in and piece by piece starts tearing our beautiful country apart. People who have been your friends are now your enemies because of the color of your skin. People are rioting and burning down the city’s around us for what? Statues and flags that have been made part of our American History are now offensive. Police Officers who swore to protect every American Citizens are backing down to allow Mall Security Officer’s tell them to leave an area because they are “disrupting” the peace and they don’t”belong”! Seriously people, we have allowed this, what ever this is, to go on to long. It’s time to grow back up people and remember that this is America, the land of the free, the home of the all people, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or any other as long as they respect the laws govern to each by the Constitution of the United States and the flag for which it’s held under. This is not the 1800’s, It is 2020 and America has come a long way since then. True, that Black Lives matter but so do the lives of every other American Citizen out there as well! Your point has made, now stop destroying our cities and let’s all get together and start working as one again! Enough is Enough!

Passing Blame In To Many Directions

With the tragic death of George Floyd and so many others who haven’t even qualified to make but a blip in the headlines due to the looting and the fires and the constant passing of the blame between races. Does ANYONE know what this whole big disater REALLY and TRUEFULLY is all about?

It may have started out with the misconduct and killing of white officers and 1 black man and the then escalated into a protest of “Look what these officers did”! “Why was it allowed to happen”?. And, the people spoke up!

NOW, Your voice’s have been heard and in, more ways than one. But, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We the PEOPLE, as a whole, BLACK, WHITE, MEXCAN, ASIAN, AND EVERY OTHER GOD LIVING PERSON, just went through one of the worst pandemics ever and made it through TOGETHER. And as WE TOGETHER start to put our lives back together….One thing happens and people come into OUR STATE known as ANTIFA and DISRUPT everyone’s way of thinking, and get everyone thinking all the way back to the day races were separated and God help me, people when I say, I thought WE, AS AN AMERICA, A TRUE AMERICA are ONE PEOPLE. But this, this is not what the America I thought I would bringing my grand children up in. Why would I. It was was hard enough telling my children about what life was like when I grew up and the races were divided. I never thought that 50 years later they would be reliving my nightmare.

SO, Now everyone wants to PLAY THE BLAME GAME. The Black Americans want to blame the white, and the White Americans want to blame the everyone. Everyone blames the government and the the government blames the President. SO, you see We ALL KEEP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE…WHEN ARE WE GOING TO JUST, STOP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR MISTAKES AND ACTIONS? When we ALL can do that, I think just maybe there will be a possibility for hope and unity for us all. BUT until then this around and around BLAME GAME is getting OLD, more INNOCENT blood is going to be shed and we are going to be living in a dead zone. Vulenerable to everyone and everything! NOTHING and NO ONE will ever TRUST, HELP, or DEPEND ON anyone for help, aid, friendship or even Love. Where does that leave our once precious America? No where. That’s where! So, Why Bother Being Here!

The Truth Out Of Control

What started out to be a “PROTESTS” from what used to be a “CIVIL” group of every day American Citizens, has somehow gone so far off base that the cause we all were originally protesting over has been long lost in the wind, and held only as an excuse to loot, fight, rob, and even kill other innocent people caught in the middle of this horrific nightmare.

What used to be one America, is once again being divided and those who think they can assume more power have done nothing but led this country again into a state of unrest.

What seems like only a year or so ago, of growth and rebuilding, is being torn down by the few antigroups demanding recognizion for something they are prompting other’s who can so easily be swayed into what is now turned into an all out race war.

How can this be? We have so many different groups that live among us. So, this can’t just be a “Black and White” matter. Look at how many interracial relationships and marriages exist within our states and all other different types of relationships, and other things that are so out of the norm, but that is what makes America who we are.

It’s not about the blacks staying on their side of the road or the whites on their side, if they was the case America wouldn’t exist to begin with and half the freedoms we have wouldn’t either.

So, if you think looting and burning and stealing is going to make things any better, think again. Because, after the flames die down and your homes are gone and trucks have no stores left to deliver food and supplies for your family to, don’t expect a government handout, because those out there who prosued this little war, well the truth will hit home and when it does, you’ll have no one to blame but yourselves.

Looting Does Not Change The World!

With all the koas going on around the country after the tragic death of George Floyd, people have responded by protesting in nearly every State.

As part of the protests, looting and vandalism has become a number one choice of outrage but for what.

This whole protests began over the tragic death of a Out Of Control Police Officer who should have by all accounts never been allowed to be patrolling our streets due to his many misconducts, yet was, and a life suffered because of it. So, to show outrage for his bad judgement, people are taking it out on store and stealing and burning and beating for what? To show, Hey, I hate Target or maybe Walgreens cost to much. I don’t like the color of this building so I think I’ll give it a new paint job.

Seriously, people! Protesting over the tragic death of George Floyd and the Stupidity of the Cop that did it is one thing. Burning down your neighborhood and making looking as if you came up from getto, our world has come past that. You have come past that, or so one would think.

I grew up in the deep South, in a time a segradation. Always being bused across town to be away from children I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t be with. I didn’t see color. I saw people, friends. Did I get hell for from my family, of course, but this wasn’t about MY FAMILY, it was about WHO I CHOOSE to have as friends in my life.

There are many ways to make a statement and get the attention of those you need to listen, like I did with my parents by refusing to give up my African American friends and being bused clear across town to attend their private school, but you Don’t Have To BURN, STEAL, BEAT or KILL. That only makes you become like the person you are protesting against instead of making a statement that in time will change the way things are done among all people. Black, White, Mexican, Asian and so on.

Sometimes it may take a group to make change but then again sometime it can just be one. STOP the fighting, START the change!