The Tides Have Turned!

It was only a few months ago when it seemed like all was well with the world. Employment was up,our economy was beginning to grow again.Then suddenly like a thief in the night something evil creeps in and piece by piece starts tearing our beautiful country apart. People who have been your friends are now your enemies because of the color of your skin. People are rioting and burning down the city’s around us for what? Statues and flags that have been made part of our American History are now offensive. Police Officers who swore to protect every American Citizens are backing down to allow Mall Security Officer’s tell them to leave an area because they are “disrupting” the peace and they don’t”belong”! Seriously people, we have allowed this, what ever this is, to go on to long. It’s time to grow back up people and remember that this is America, the land of the free, the home of the all people, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or any other as long as they respect the laws govern to each by the Constitution of the United States and the flag for which it’s held under. This is not the 1800’s, It is 2020 and America has come a long way since then. True, that Black Lives matter but so do the lives of every other American Citizen out there as well! Your point has made, now stop destroying our cities and let’s all get together and start working as one again! Enough is Enough!

Passing Blame In To Many Directions

With the tragic death of George Floyd and so many others who haven’t even qualified to make but a blip in the headlines due to the looting and the fires and the constant passing of the blame between races. Does ANYONE know what this whole big disater REALLY and TRUEFULLY is all about?

It may have started out with the misconduct and killing of white officers and 1 black man and the then escalated into a protest of “Look what these officers did”! “Why was it allowed to happen”?. And, the people spoke up!

NOW, Your voice’s have been heard and in, more ways than one. But, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We the PEOPLE, as a whole, BLACK, WHITE, MEXCAN, ASIAN, AND EVERY OTHER GOD LIVING PERSON, just went through one of the worst pandemics ever and made it through TOGETHER. And as WE TOGETHER start to put our lives back together….One thing happens and people come into OUR STATE known as ANTIFA and DISRUPT everyone’s way of thinking, and get everyone thinking all the way back to the day races were separated and God help me, people when I say, I thought WE, AS AN AMERICA, A TRUE AMERICA are ONE PEOPLE. But this, this is not what the America I thought I would bringing my grand children up in. Why would I. It was was hard enough telling my children about what life was like when I grew up and the races were divided. I never thought that 50 years later they would be reliving my nightmare.

SO, Now everyone wants to PLAY THE BLAME GAME. The Black Americans want to blame the white, and the White Americans want to blame the everyone. Everyone blames the government and the the government blames the President. SO, you see We ALL KEEP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE…WHEN ARE WE GOING TO JUST, STOP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR MISTAKES AND ACTIONS? When we ALL can do that, I think just maybe there will be a possibility for hope and unity for us all. BUT until then this around and around BLAME GAME is getting OLD, more INNOCENT blood is going to be shed and we are going to be living in a dead zone. Vulenerable to everyone and everything! NOTHING and NO ONE will ever TRUST, HELP, or DEPEND ON anyone for help, aid, friendship or even Love. Where does that leave our once precious America? No where. That’s where! So, Why Bother Being Here!

The Truth Out Of Control

What started out to be a “PROTESTS” from what used to be a “CIVIL” group of every day American Citizens, has somehow gone so far off base that the cause we all were originally protesting over has been long lost in the wind, and held only as an excuse to loot, fight, rob, and even kill other innocent people caught in the middle of this horrific nightmare.

What used to be one America, is once again being divided and those who think they can assume more power have done nothing but led this country again into a state of unrest.

What seems like only a year or so ago, of growth and rebuilding, is being torn down by the few antigroups demanding recognizion for something they are prompting other’s who can so easily be swayed into what is now turned into an all out race war.

How can this be? We have so many different groups that live among us. So, this can’t just be a “Black and White” matter. Look at how many interracial relationships and marriages exist within our states and all other different types of relationships, and other things that are so out of the norm, but that is what makes America who we are.

It’s not about the blacks staying on their side of the road or the whites on their side, if they was the case America wouldn’t exist to begin with and half the freedoms we have wouldn’t either.

So, if you think looting and burning and stealing is going to make things any better, think again. Because, after the flames die down and your homes are gone and trucks have no stores left to deliver food and supplies for your family to, don’t expect a government handout, because those out there who prosued this little war, well the truth will hit home and when it does, you’ll have no one to blame but yourselves.

Looting Does Not Change The World!

With all the koas going on around the country after the tragic death of George Floyd, people have responded by protesting in nearly every State.

As part of the protests, looting and vandalism has become a number one choice of outrage but for what.

This whole protests began over the tragic death of a Out Of Control Police Officer who should have by all accounts never been allowed to be patrolling our streets due to his many misconducts, yet was, and a life suffered because of it. So, to show outrage for his bad judgement, people are taking it out on store and stealing and burning and beating for what? To show, Hey, I hate Target or maybe Walgreens cost to much. I don’t like the color of this building so I think I’ll give it a new paint job.

Seriously, people! Protesting over the tragic death of George Floyd and the Stupidity of the Cop that did it is one thing. Burning down your neighborhood and making looking as if you came up from getto, our world has come past that. You have come past that, or so one would think.

I grew up in the deep South, in a time a segradation. Always being bused across town to be away from children I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t be with. I didn’t see color. I saw people, friends. Did I get hell for from my family, of course, but this wasn’t about MY FAMILY, it was about WHO I CHOOSE to have as friends in my life.

There are many ways to make a statement and get the attention of those you need to listen, like I did with my parents by refusing to give up my African American friends and being bused clear across town to attend their private school, but you Don’t Have To BURN, STEAL, BEAT or KILL. That only makes you become like the person you are protesting against instead of making a statement that in time will change the way things are done among all people. Black, White, Mexican, Asian and so on.

Sometimes it may take a group to make change but then again sometime it can just be one. STOP the fighting, START the change!

Police Strike Out Again!

During this sad time as we all grieve over the loss of George Floyd, especially when some of us don’t even know him, we are all however familiar with many of the misdealings of our local cops.

This so called “seat belt” meneuver that the officer used on the late Mr. Floyd, I can honestly, under oath say has NEVER been taught in /or as a restraining hold technque in any P.O.S.T. Training Academy, because I myself have been through p.o.s.t. and nothing like that would even be considered due to the consequences which have befallen on the now late Mr. Floyd. Officers are only taught restraining holds in pivotal areas and should the neck area become involved, it is only for a few seconds in order to lower an assalent down to the ground and prepare for cuffing and usually involved more than one or more officers.

This is a complete tragady. It only breaks down the trust factor that we as society have in our law enforcement. They don’t see us as people any more. They see us as just something in their way during the day interfering with them getting back to what ever they were doing and that paycheck they don’t deserve.

And as for repremandation, I’m sure that the officer involved will NEVER see the inside of a prison cell, because even after all his write ups and misconducts, he was still out patrolling our streets.

If this article doesn’t stop and make you think about anything and you try to push the negative out of your mind … just remember this…

Blue WILL ALWAYS PROTECT Blue… So for the family of the late Mr Floyd,I am more than on your side and you and yours will be in our prayers.

Though, this has come to a tragic ending, I do strongly believe in karma and have seen it work with my own two eye. So, it is true when they say what goes around comes around and every dog will have it’s day!

Micky D’s No Thank You!

MacDonald’s is known world around for selling billions on Hamburgers and honestly speaking I really never cared much for them, and usually only went for the fries.

But for a chain of restaurants that is so “world renowed” regarding it’s food, they don’t seem to feel the same about their employees.

Every since the pandemic arose signaling the COVID-19 virus, a lot of people have be come more than alarmed and as one source told me almost terrified to death.

She is a single mom working with the company and was told that no employees were aloud to take any sick days, vacation days or just time off due to the stay at home order from the Govonor. If they did, THEY WOULD NO LONGER BE EMPLOYEES OF THE ESTABLISHMENT. So why is it that restaurants, and other places feel they have the right to make life choices that effect ones family.

As for me, a consumer, I feel for the slave labor MacDonald’s has forced apon it’s employees, because God knows we need those burgers, but as for me, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more fries much less anything else from there anytime soon.

It’s one thing if a person is willing to work and earn money to feed their family, but during a time of a pandemic, an employer should understanding and be willing to work with its employees during this time of crisis instead of threaten their jobs.

And to my source, there are much better jobs out there, and I am sure they would care about your safety and that of your family than how many hamburger they can make.

Also, no one can tell me the people working within the the establishment are adhering to the 6ft rule.

Man Up Or Lose Your Job

Man up or loss your job is what was told to one of the newest Police Officers on our local force after his morning briefing as he got ready to hit the streets for what would be a long day of dealing with the rioting over the use of our local beaches here in Ca. Everyone knows that California is best known for it’s beaches and trails and Governor Newson has gone way overboard with some of the restrictions he has forced on California especially when he, himself has not abided by any. So, this Particular Officer, to whom I promised would keep anonymous, began PUTTING ON HIS FACE MASK, like all the rest of known citizens (who don’t want to contract the Covod-19 Virus). Then he was approached by his Supervisor, who, in so many words ask what he thought he was doing. He answered by saying protecting himself before he hits the road. That’s when he got the shock of his life. MAN UP OR LOSE YOUR JOB! What? Was he actually being told to walk into a virus ridden society that yet has no cure or lose his job! What you don’t know about this Officer is that he is married and that he and his wife just had their first newborn child only weeks before. It’s not bad enough that he has to go out and put his life on the line everyday but, now he’s being told to Man Up because Wearing A Pretective Mask to prevent his self from getting and possibly carrying the virus back home to his family will cost him his job! What the hell has this world come too. Work over family. Survival of the fittest and all the rest be dammed. I think not! Our government and those within it’s system are sending the wrong message and if they ever expect to get the people back on their side, they might need to rethink their strategy.

Courts Go To Far…

When you go into court over something you have done or have not done, You, by law have the right to be heard. But what will see in this video is not only shocking, but unconstitutional and Cops and Judges are getting away with it everyday. Why? Is it because they think they are above the law? Or maybe it’s because they think they can make the law up as they go along. Also as long as it doesn’t make them look bad, their just doing what they were put in position to do to begin with…there was nothing really that said how they should go about doing things legit, just as long as you keep looking one way, we’ll look the other. And that will be that. Well, listen up, your time for looking the other way is over. We the people are sick of your monipulitove games and thinking you can continue to push us around and bully is just because you wear a badge that 90% of the Cops these days don’t deserve and God knows should not have but still do. And they keep beating and abusing distoying the system they swore to protect and nothing is being done about it except for telling American people one lie after another to cover their sorry asses and protect the badge they use to bully everyone with to earn a paycheck they don’t deserve. And the Judges who sit iddly by knowing the whole time their just on the bench waiting for retirement, because it’s not about Justice in America anymore or whose innocent or whose guilty. It’s about status and dollar signs and nothing else matters. Wake people. Do you think looting a Walmart or making a run on your local neighborhood grocery store is going to change anything. Calling these Cops and Judges and Government Officials out by name will. What the cops did to this young man they should lose their jobs over. And should even serve time for treating this person more like an animal in captivity or slave that has been bond and gagged than an American Citizen who sits before a Court appointed Judge and tries to speak on his own behalf. When is enough, enough. Why are you just sitting watching it happen, recording it with your little phones in the air, so you can show your friends, look, I was there. If this man’s life meant anything to you, why aren’t you doing your part to get rid of these asswhole cops and backwood Judges and some one who really cares about the American people and true Justice on our side. Because, if you don’t, what you see in this video is going to become more than just an everyday accurrace. It’s going to become our daily way of life.

Are There Any Real Cops Left?

I know this whole pandemic episode has got the world a little twisted and to tell the truth I’m to the point where I can barely tell what day of the week it is, but on accession when I do have to crawl out of the lockdown hole that we have all seemed to have buried ourselves in the things I see make me wonder if I am still living in the same world I started hibernating from to begin with.

We are told by the government that we have these stimulus checks coming all the while we sit by the mailbox and wait and wait and wait, until some people get so desperate they start robbing and looting other peoples things and the cops, where are they?

I’m sitting at the drive thru at Starbucks on my way home from errands today, and what I thought was some homeless guy carrying a backpack and a stick the closer he got I realized it was no stick at all, It was an AR15 and in his other hand was Glock! And he just starts to stroll into the ARCO Station like its no big deal. Luckily about the time he reached the door a cop car turns inĀ  half ass foot pursuit begins. Then he disappears like he was never there. Cops return in like 5 minutes, go inside ARCO and come out with COFFEE! GREAT JOB GUYS! That’s what I call keeping our neighborhood SAFE!

More Than Just A Cappuccino!

Even with all the kaos going on around the world, staying home is definitely making some people a little crazy. Even chancing out is putting your life on the line. When you do venture out and look at those around you, it seems like a portion of the public care and are quiet aware of this travesty that has taken over our world, while the other’s seem to walk around clueless as if they don’t have a care in the world. When I do have to venture out into the world from my secure domain for extra whatever I can seem to find, I can thank God however, that my local Starbucks drive-thru is still open. Though, I am known to visit my favorite coffee shop two to three times a day, I was not expecting anything out of the ordinary but do always stay alert, because during trying times, you never know. I placed my order as I usually do, I listening to the radio, I hear squills of sirens blaring from the roads nearby. Then nothing. By then I’m right at the window getting ready to receive my order when I turn and see a 9mm shoved directly into my face. With the whole social distancing thing going on, I’m pulled out a little further away from the pickup window more than usual, but my vehicle is in total lockdown and covered in internal cameras so I was go no where and with my extensive background in martial arts, neither was he. Before the baresita had returned with my other the perp had been blue tagged by my detachable Saber Blue Face Mace and I knocked his firearm from his hand, which fell down between my door and driver seat. As he attempted to flee, police began surrounding the drive-thru area giving the perp no where to run. What they also didn’t know was he had a backup gun tucked behind his back and they need warning. Only problem was if shooting started, he’s standing right in front of my vehicle with me tucked down inside. I always carry a second jacket because I am a very cold natured person and while tucked down in the front seat of my truck, my hand moved my jacket laying in floorboard next to me revealing a partial color of something I forgot to take out my truck before all this pandemic stuff started, my training megaphone. BINGO! I picked it up and screaming as loud as I could ‘He Has A Second Gun’ police took him down before he had a chance to get off a shot. The only thing I could do is just sit there in shock thanking God no shots were fired and my truck was a OK! The Officer’s retrieved the other gun that innicially fell in my vehicle and I finally got my order but you NEVER know what will happen or how crazy things will turn when situations get beyond our control. So, please Stay Home! Stay Safe! And try to keep your Sanity through all this. Remember, we’re all in this together! The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! As for Coffee… I think I’ll stick to juice for a while!